Dec 9 Morris Party – 6pm to 9pm

2023 Party planning updated Dec 1

Morris Apawamis Squash Doubles party

Recreate Angel’s cocktail party at 65 Highland – watch Morris squash matches Stop by on your way to the Apawamis Christmas Ball

Location: 65 Highland Rd Rye NY 10580 across the street – next door to Apawamis squash courts.

33 Morris Invitational Morris Invitational Doubles event

Who is invited? – current players and former players and squash fans and party people

The Morris Doubles Tournament has evolved from a small member guest to a Pro-Am event with multiple draws. Many of the current players have no idea who Ned Morris was. Anyone who ever played squash doubles with Ned Morris might show up. for what was called the “hardball” party.

Dress code- old Morris tournament gear. Wear your old Morris tournament jackets, shirts or hats. There will be a prize for oldest Morris gear.

We are looking for the old narrow court singles hardball and double black diamond doubles players from the Union Club, Rockaway Hunting Club, Round Hill Club, Greenwich Field Club, Greenwich Country Club and Westchester Country Club. Out of town players from Saucon Valley Club in Bethlehem PA, and the numerous Philly, Canadian clubs. Pittsburgh Golf Club and PAA doubles players (Steeler fans) are invited.

Social Media expertise -lacking- need help to set up “private” social feeds…Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. Twitter pages or a groupchat or a live stream for this event.

Need to be careful with public social feeds. How to make it easy if anyone has old pictures to post.

Getting the right party people is the most important element to any social gathering. The right people attending is always the most important indicator of a successful party. People are more important than food or drinks.

Party inspiration was the 1981 National Mixed Doubles, This party success attributed to Larry Hilbert the Apawamis Pro who moved the Club event to 65 Highland. Some of folks who are still alive and played in this 1981 event might show up?

Want to make sure we have invited all former winners of the Morris tournament or the Briggs tournament.

if you “own wood”, if your name is on any Apawamis board, you are a “plank owner” and you and your relatives are invited.

Below is a list of Apawamis Squash players who are no longer with us.

We will toast these people at this party. This is a “modern” list from memory. It only goes back to the about the mid 1980’s. it is in no particular order. Going to too many funerals was an inspiration for this party.

Ned Morris, Terry Savage, Paul Palmer, Tom Dyett, Barbara Daily, Alana Dupont, Steve Burton, Dick Hale, Jimmy Bardwill, Joe Raho. Eric Fast, Dave Florence, Don Bowmann, Becky McDermott, Paul Standel, Jon Strom