Chanel 14 might help solve WiFi congestion issues? To reconfigure – Hack a WiFi router to add WiFi Channel 14 requires Linux Command line skills.  Ability to change the country code. 2.4_GHz_Wi-Fi_channels_802.11bg_Chan 14


The new Microsoft “white space” network using unused VHF TV channels from existing high elevation high power towers might replace Wifi for downloading content. Wifi (or 4G LTE) will still be necessary for the uplink.  This new wireless connectivity using TV spectrum (ATSC 3.0)  will not be a Wifi killer.

Wifi can be  fast or it can be VERY slow Most consumers do not care about why Wifi slows down. The technology does not matter.

Consumers want Wifi that always work and always work fast.

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Datajam has a sister site hotspotonwheels – a portable Wif – 4G “trailer”