Powerball Prayer by Gregg Dearth

Dear God, Allah, Jehova, Supreme Being, or Creator
I know you have many more important things to attend to and helping me to win the Powerball is not ordinarily the kind of thing people should pray for, but if you will help me win the jackpot, here’s is what I am prepared to do.

First, I will give you all the credit and I won’t put it down as luck or magic or anything but Divine Intervention. Then I will give a substantial amount to each of a hundred friends and this will also include some acquaintances like my dry cleaner, since I don’t have a hundred people I consider my friends. This will spread a lot of joy in the world I am sure.

Next, I will give my close family and even my not so close family 10 times more than I give my friends, if only to eliminate one complaint about me from their lives. Then I will find twice that many non profit and charitable organizations and give each of them half of the amount I give my close family. This will enable them to continue their good works throughout your world. And last, I will try my best to spend all the rest of the money during my lifetime in ways that promote peace and love and freedom for all the peaceful, loving and freedom abiding people of this world. Amen.
Gregg Dearth

P.S. I had the Powerball number last week, so together I know we can do this.